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House Clearances and End of Tenancy Cleaning

We offer a full range of Specialist Services, these range from cleaning houses similar to Life of Grime, Hoarding Households, as well as property clearances, our customer base includes the general public, large and small companies.

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Clients choose this firm because we have a trustworthy reputation which vital as key holders to the premises that are cleaned. We are very reliable and approachable to the work required and treat each client on an individual basis due to the sensitive nature of the work and tailor the work to the client’s needs.

We have a lot of experience working with the elderly or mentally and physically disabled and we can ensure that our staff will always be patient and respectful to our clients.

Specialist Deep Cleaning & Hoarding Households – Sometimes due to mental health reasons or mobility issues we understand that some properties can unfortunately become very dirty and become very full of possessions as well as rubbish.

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Members of families will sometimes not even be aware of how their family members have been living due to their loved ones feeling embarrassed by their circumstances and being to scared or proud to ask for help.

We will help clear the unwanted possessions and rubbish with the familie’s full co-operation to help the individual regain a clean and tidy home that they can live in again comfortably.

Our work can also sometimes include premises where used and discarded syringes have been left, often this is also accompanied by deposits of human excrement and other infected waste.

2013-03-04 10.18.45House Clearance
– We are able to provide a complete removal from site of everything from the affected property, including all bulky furniture, fridge / freezers, and carpets.

Carpets – Our Carpet cleaning method we use is to pre treat any stain before, and then to use a hot water extraction method to clean the entire area.

We are fully licensed to carry Commercial waste and have comprehensive Employers Liability and Public Liability Insurance. All waste removed from a property would be safely disposed of at a registered site and a record of disposal would be provided if necessary.

Full range of Cleaning Services include:

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  • General property deep cleaning
  • House Clearance
  • Rubbish removal
  • Filthy and Verminous premises cleaning
  • Trauma cleaning
  • End of Tenancy/Eviction Cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Steam cleaning and jet washing driveways and path ways
  • Life of grime work & household hoarders
  • Residential Homes